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Eminem – Berzerk (Official) (Explicit)

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  • Samir Huric 7 months ago

    the bearded guy is rick rubin

  • Alvis Foster 7 months ago

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  • Naitik Gohain 7 months ago

    YOUTUBE stop suggesting miley’s vid..

  • ActionHank75 7 months ago

    The day Eminem panders to white people. Is the day he loses all his credibility.

  • ome sözlük 7 months ago

    T U R K E Y

  • Samir Huric 7 months ago

    burn in ****

  • meds sippers 7 months ago

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  • kairomb123 7 months ago

    Watch the video in 144p and reminisce about the real music: old school <3

  • PIXIED121 7 months ago

    whos the bearded guy next to Marshall?

  • OneeeShaaark 7 months ago

    Bientôt les 10 millions de vues :o

  • Shoa***a 7 months ago

    nice job rabbit

  • arb yzeiraj 7 months ago

    just replay 0:00 

  • DeShaun Holton 7 months ago

    Rick Rubin.

  • Luigi Nunez 7 months ago

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  • Zachary Swartz 7 months ago

    This man still looks late 20s. Raps just as good. Oh who’s the man with the beard? Welcome Back Marshal!!

  • ItsameAlex 7 months ago

    jcole is aaiight bro, jcole is aaiight

  • Matthew James 7 months ago

    great to see shady back , funny as **** , its not supposed to be a lyrical masterpiece just a funky tune he aint done one in ages , about time id say.

  • mehdi da silva 7 months ago

    music nice

  • Justin Case 7 months ago


  • izaiahp22 7 months ago

    I like the kardashian diss, that’s how you know it’s slim shady

  • Aso***araan Selo***ar 7 months ago

    He is already legend…go look in the 100 greatest artist of all time from Rolling Stone magazine site :D the only white rapper that should not be mess with …hail slim shady! 

  • Kamil Kita 7 months ago


  • dylan lander 7 months ago

    Who’s the old man

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