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Amb***adeurs – No Matter What (Official Music Video)

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  • Nico John 6 months ago

    how does majestic handle all the gema and Content rights stuff ???? iwanna open a channel like this too, is it easy ? or hard work ?

  • Ward217 6 months ago


  • Anjuly Labruyere 6 months ago

    So out of her league

  • Tshantice 6 months ago

    who ever made this is soooo artistic, i love it

  • Jordan Nelson 6 months ago

    omg I was hoping they did when I first found this channel and was mad. Wish they could create one. But go on I find it better.

  • whyrez 6 months ago

    Wicked track, video was a bit… Pointless? o.O

  • CashCashB 6 months ago

    Well I guess you won’t be slepping tonight then

  • Lovetaylor125 6 months ago


  • Ward217 6 months ago

    *speechless. sorry, it would have kept me awake tonight if i hadnt corrected it… love, dont hate me! <3

  • Lovetaylor125 6 months ago

    **** <3

  • iinappi 6 months ago

    He’s Christian Kinde. You’re welcome.

  • Sterling Han**** 6 months ago

    that was one of the sickest music videos i’ve ever seen

  • Nordkapper Senn 6 months ago

    Who is the guy in the video? He’s in so many music videos..

  • Felicia Agnes Tan 6 months ago

    He is the police from ed sheeran’s give me love music video!

  • OneChillWolf 6 months ago

    Jake Mavity is amazing

  • Aledleww 6 months ago

    Majestic as ****

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