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The Brotherhood of War – Eng Sub full movie

The Brotherhood of War - Eng Sub full  movie




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  • slapz2010 9 months ago

    the movie touches me so much ,,it reflects somehow between me and my only brother and sibling..i am the older and it’s true we the older brother can really do anything for the good of our younger brother even if we need to sacrifice our lives for them…thank you so much for the epic movie..

  • 황 혜연 9 months ago

    they did mentioned american soldiers succeeded of landing on Incheon

  • rkey16 9 months ago

    Asian movies always has a good story with good meaning. American movies has girls, drugs, and explosions….

  • Pre114 9 months ago

    One thing I do wonder is where the heck are the Americans and the Chinese? Because this is more like a war between them, at least show a couple of dead bodies or something.

  • Hilde Venegas 9 months ago

    One of the best if not the best movies ever

  • Hilde Venegas 9 months ago

    Second time I cry watching a movie:,(

  • fistopain679 9 months ago


  • fistopain679 9 months ago

    this IS the best movie i have ever watched

  • ml219 9 months ago

    everytime so far….. cried

  • Maciej Debinski 9 months ago

    I can’t do anything else but agree. Found it randomly on youtube one day. You know that feeling,when you find a diamond in the sea of ****. lol

  • paul evangelista 9 months ago

    it touch me a lot..great movie ive watch..

  • paul evangelista 9 months ago

    ****, one of the best war movie..two thumbs up!

  • Blge Zlbo 9 months ago

    Its quiet stupid and entertaining

  • Blge Zlbo 9 months ago

    The movie is so so so so. Sad to me

  • RhioanaProductions 9 months ago

    You know he was going to die from the very beginning when the army man called about the remains it was his brother! So sad… :/

  • S298300 9 months ago

    Amazzzing movie …. one must watch dis movie before u DIE…. and ofcourse 71 into the fire… speechless….

  • DorinDSD 9 months ago

    Great, great movie… !

  • yawnsoo 9 months ago

    The Frontline 2011(Gojijeon), Welcome to Dongmakgol 2005, 71 into the Fire 2010 these are all good Korean War movies

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