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Moll Flanders Part One of Two – FULL COMPLETE

This is the PBS Masterpiece Theater production of Daniel DeFoe’s 1722 novel set in England. It is very well produced with authentic sets and costumes of the …




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  • prairieelr 7 months ago

    It is difficult to believe that women ever deliberately just bled into their valuable, scarce clothing when it is so easy to wad at least a rag between your legs.

  • Anita McGuinn 7 months ago

    Every healthy woman on earth menstruates apprx 12 times every year for 30 or more years of her life, and it’s still such a taboo subject.

  • Storm Bringerr 7 months ago

    this version is much better than the movie….alex kingston is hot

  • starquant 7 months ago

    If you visit any textile museum you can find that out. The “Sanitary Napkin” as it is commonly referred to today was invented in Victorian times. Up until that time they had nothing. While it is true Men have demonized Menstruation( or Womanstruation, as I call it) for centuries, doesn’t mean that they know what to do about it. In many cultures Women were simply placed in a “*****es Box”, or chased out of a village,until it stopped. Many of the Misogynist practices today come from that hated.

  • starquant 7 months ago

    That wasn’t used until the Victorian era, I’m afraid (if your referring to Women’s issues.)

  • Layla G 7 months ago

    A very beautiful story ,it took me hours but full of pleasure ,its a must to know this story

  • paulaeglington 7 months ago

    In the fifties and even early sixties woman were still wearing handmade pads in Europe.

  • Sara Brighton 7 months ago

    Thank you.

  • prairieelr 7 months ago

    A long strip of cloth, “the rag” was folded to create along “pad” that sometimes but not always had a ribbon stiched to make easier to attach to a belt or narrow sash about the waist/hip with pins , knots or buttons.

  • JOEL FLSA 7 months ago

    uh finally thought i never found the full movie. thanks for the upload :) haven’t watch since i was 13yrs old. plus never knew it was a erotic novel

  • Anita McGuinn 7 months ago

    LOL, I’m replying to my own comment. You inspired me starquant! I just googled this subject, and found tons of results including a Wikipedia entry on the “culture of menstruation”. After the movie I’ll check it out. This might get interesting.

  • Anita McGuinn 7 months ago

    Where did you get this info, and where in the world did women ever go around doing this? There was/still is a big taboo on menstrual blood in “civilized” societies, and various cultures and religions. What you are describing, I think, would have been unacceptable. I’m sure women were inventive enough to make their own um… I feel like looking all this up because now I wonder what did they do.

  • Anita McGuinn 7 months ago

    This is great. I also found your description very interesting and informative. Thanks for the upload twinkiedooter! 

  • Ningyptian 7 months ago

    I freaking love Alex Kingston! She’s such a great actress.

  • MightDoubleTrouble22 7 months ago

    This is great to watch however the lead actress seems……………… not right for this.

  • bradysmum 7 months ago

    Women made pads from rags hence the term “on your rag”

  • starquant 7 months ago

    Actually they didn’t wear under garments. It’s quite true. The “Loincloth”.. I think is a bit of a Myth I’m afraid.

  • starquant 7 months ago

    Nothing.. Women wore many skirts. In essence the skirts dragged along the ground and wiped away any blood. When a Woman sat down, again the blood was absorbed into the skirts. I’m sure it would have leached through and if it did perhaps the Woman would change (I don’t know) Clothes wore only generally used once because they would get covered in Menstrual blood. Women don’t loose a lot of blood during a period, it just seems like it.

  • fruitkiller1 7 months ago

    brother and sister got married? and have *** together? oh yurk~!!

  • Stuart McQueen 7 months ago

    Rubbish. People have been wearing underwear for thousands of years. The loincloth is the simplest form of underwear; it was probably the first undergarment worn by human beings. That’s dating back to ancient times.

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