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Mario Maurer – My True Friend / Friends Never Die [Eng Sub FULL] Thai Movie

Mario Maurer - My True Friend / Friends Never Die [Eng Sub FULL] Thai Movie

If the caption doesn’t show up, click the Caption button and select the language of sub***le you prefer. If you can’t find it, click here: https://plus.googl…


  • friendskitkat321 10 months ago

    Sawadee Pee Mai

  • friendskitkat321 10 months ago

    It’s even sadder coz it’s a true story :’(

  • jhen aguilloso 10 months ago

    such a great movie about friendship. i cried a lot. thank you for uploading.

  • I Am' Peem Za 10 months ago


  • 4everafuera 10 months ago

    T_T True friends forever… . . .  .

  • vio nazema 10 months ago

    belajar memahami orang lain bermula dari seberapa besar qta menghargai orang lain. good movie. jangan ngaku bersahabat dengan org lain. klo disaat yang terburuk sahabat qta ternyata gak ada sama sekali.

  • javier bob 10 months ago

    friend never ends … **** yeah i like this thanks for the uploader

  • javier bob 10 months ago

    friend never ends

  • Chaidir Hakim 10 months ago

    Very Nice Movie

  • Jiee Ziraa 10 months ago


  • josseline Molina 10 months ago

    Why dont you jusy tell me the bame of the song pkease

  • danilasungha96 10 months ago

    what a really nice movie! I cried a lot! Thanks for uploading and thanks to my best friend for recommending this movie to me! I hope our friendship will lasts forever like them! Mario <3

  • Lily Balls 10 months ago

    You still havent seen THE ***LE OF THE SONG? Watch that part of the film and look at the upper left corner of the screen. BE SURE TO HAVE ANNOTATIONS ENABLED FOR THE VIDEO.

  • cnezzie 10 months ago

    man song is so hot and handsome….****…

  • twindchannel 10 months ago

    สวัสดีปีใหม่ (Happy New year) - Bird Thongchai

  • josseline Molina 10 months ago

    I really want the name of the song when they are celebrating new year

  • Tanaka Kung 10 months ago

    The song is — “Sawasdee Pee Mai” … meaning ..Happy new year.. performed by — Thongchai Mcintyre..(Byrd) - v=Bb2w4MtJjzs - .

  • iamjomar0411 10 months ago

    The sperm gang?

  • Juben Cajurao 10 months ago

    I really love this movie Thank you very much for uploading

  • Siska Sri Wahyuni Rahmawati Safari 10 months ago

    so nice, :) Mario, is so cute ..

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