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Hindi Comedy Movies – Jadui Pankh Collection (Full movies with English Sub***les)

Jadui Pankh is a collection of 7 hindi comedy movies. This particular movie ‘Bombay’ is an adventure comedy about 2 street magicians who stop a gang of terro…


  • Ranjita Saxena 10 months ago

    Loved it totally! Very simply executed the beautiful thought :)

  • Chetan Swarup 10 months ago

    amazing work….

  • kundan ***ar 10 months ago

    nice a

  • jordan villarba 10 months ago

    :) what a nice movie..

  • 21rajeevranjan 10 months ago

    nice movie.

  • milanah D.C. 10 months ago

    nice movie with a heart. who is the leading child actor in your films. he’s amazing. does he has fb? Thank you for the sug english ***les. carry on. i am learning a lot from your films

  • Shruti saini 10 months ago

    Amazing movie with superb acting

  • apple jean ochigue 10 months ago


  • ashok ***ar singh 10 months ago

    Quite good one aggressive

  • Abdul Baba 10 months ago

    very good msge

  • renumaraj 10 months ago

    wonderful message 

  • quaintkalyani 10 months ago

    where/how can I access the rest of the stories in this film??

  • quaintkalyani 10 months ago

    wonderful! :-) )

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