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Gold Diggers – The Secret of Bear Mountain (1995)

A city girl teams up with a tomboy to solve the mystery of Bear Mountain, Molly Morgan, and the buried treasure as well as learn about true friendships.


  • robert bent 3 months ago

    Grate movie

  • brillantine11 3 months ago

    thank you SOOOOO much for uploading that movie!!!!

  • jaka ria 3 months ago

    oh my god, girl very really good

  • xxgothqueenxx92 3 months ago

    i love this movie even though it was released in the 80′s

  • musixmesh 3 months ago

    This was really good. made me want to be a kid again. thanks for sharing it.

  • Ashley ebonite 3 months ago

    i love the 80′s and 90′s old days…

  • blondsdoitbetta 3 months ago

    This movie is underrated.

  • Angie V 3 months ago

    one of my fav movies EVER!!!

  • frenzyjezzy james 3 months ago

    yes sir you are right, thanks. . . . i read it on wikipedia

  • Bill Hebert 3 months ago

    Ashleigh was in this movie. She played Christina Ricci’s friend who tried to warn Christina Ricci about the Anna Chlumsky character. Ashleigh only had just a few small scenes in the movie

  • shamasi1968 3 months ago

    I agree with you except Ashleigh wasn’t in this movie, she starred in Now and Then. This movie is Christian Ricci and Anna Chlumsky, the same girl from the movie My Girl.

  • futuremovieactor 3 months ago

    i think The Addams Family was released only a weekend after My Girl.

  • PARIS J, ayl depression to cut. 3 months ago

    awesome film, totally some ******* innuendo here :P ? imbd says it too XD

  • PARIS J, ayl depression to cut. 3 months ago


  • PARIS J, ayl depression to cut. 3 months ago

    ikrrrr! see some action between them :P XD ahahaha

  • Janaka Ma***ah 3 months ago

    Yep! Get Anna and Christina to do an adult version.

  • brittnee foster 3 months ago

    AMAZING ! I haven’t seen this movie forever ! <3 you

  • stephoochie 3 months ago

    yes. just, YES. it’s something we all need. for everything to be okay.

  • Sam Kay 3 months ago

    I dont like the part when they r in the mountain… Its scary~…

  • americangirlballet 3 months ago

    I saw this as a kid and have been looking for it. I didn’t know what it was called. Thank you.

  • Bill Hebert 3 months ago

    Such a wonderful movie. I watched it for the first time in the theaters when I was in the military stationed in Jacksonville, Florida in 1995. I agree with Annie’s comment about the old days when kids used to play outdoors and developed friendships that lasted a lifetime. It is so sad how people live today where the only things they want to do is sit inside with all kinds of superficial technology and tear other people down. Rest in Peace Ashleigh Aston Moore-1981-2007. This is truly a favorite

  • Lesroy James 3 months ago

    just love old movies they have the best ending songs makes you feel all good inside like everything in the world is a okay again just for that one moment

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