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The Hunt For Britains Paedophiles Part 1. 2002

This is a 3 part do***entary series following the work of Scotland Yards Paedophile Unit. The do***entary focused on their work and the daily efforts to trac…


  • LaSerpentaCanta 7 months ago

    That is a tragic truth.

  • Waltham1892 7 months ago

    You are closer to the truth than you know. I’ve spoke to a few of the Sheriffs who did the search warrant on Neverland (I was a LA cop way back in the day). Michael was into “child worship” ****:, which is **** none the less. After the warrant was served MJ’s attorney’s went to the City Attorney’s Office and told them they were prepared to spend 10m to defend Jackson. The CA didn’t have 100k to prosecute him. In California justice, money talks. Case Closed. The good guys don’t always win.

  • kate green 7 months ago

    why cant the actual people that abuse the kids and post it on the web get locked up instead of the 3rd party (the ones that see or look 4 it it on the web) they are the ones that bare the brunt of guilt.even if it is wrong.

  • LaSerpentaCanta 7 months ago

    but those pedophiles are really idiots, I mean why would they even let themselves be photographed by OTHER men?

  • LaSerpentaCanta 7 months ago

    Well that was Michael Jackson’s argument lol.

  • Waltham1892 7 months ago

    Showing the photographs, awful as they are, does make a point. A lot of offenders say that their “collections” are art, casual photographs or in some way open to debate as to their contents or intent. By showing their “collections” you now understand the lie. Its awful, but the truth so often is.

  • Waltham1892 7 months ago

    I once responded to a radio call of a man photographing children in a park. One thing lead to another and we did a search warrant on his home. We found a lot of stuff, none of which we really wanted to see. At the end of he day every officer was completely bent out of shape. We went out for drinks and tried to talk it through, but we couldn’t get what we found out of our heads. Dealing with “offenders” can be very difficult. It takes a certain kind of Detective to do it every day.

  • LaSerpentaCanta 7 months ago

    the whole length of the penis was WHAT?

  • kelly kennedy 7 months ago

    Kind of inappropriate that they put in the videos even if they were blurred, anybody that could do that to a child deserves to burn in ****!

  • LaSerpentaCanta 7 months ago

    omg this do***entary is way out of line, it basically shows you the ****!

  • LaSerpentaCanta 7 months ago

    omfg how are men even capable of taking THOSE pictures?? I’m so shocked!

  • MrAshToast 7 months ago

    10 pedophiles disliked this video

  • lolintosh 7 months ago

    i dont feel comfertable with the fact that they actually show you some of the footage, some of the images etc..i know the “rude” bits do not show, but the idea is still there and it disgusts and horrifies me that they allowed this to be shown on tv…Its great what these people do…catching the s*** of the earth, but i think its inappropriate to show ANYTHING like this :( it upsets me greatly.

  • Donna Reckner 7 months ago

    I have conversion disorder, that is where my brain can’t handle any anxiety so it converts into a seizure, because of being raped as a child for quite awhile! They need to put these monsters away for ever! They only gave the monster who raped me 10 years in prison! I’m 32 and still being tortured! Oh yeah a few years ago I found out he murdered a little girl just a year before I had to move in with him! He’s dead now and all I can do is pray that he’s burning in ****!

  • conor thomas 7 months ago

    The **** levine is one ****in twisted sick pervert . How can he be released on bail when there 100s of pics of him abusing little girls . A rope should be slung over a lamp post and levine hung !

  • Quinli Hugo 7 months ago

    Our Criminology professor planned on showing us this do***entary today, but she changed her mind, because the line between this and ****ography is very thin. She told us we can go watch it ourselves and tell her what we think, but now I’m too scared to watch it!

  • d367spades 7 months ago

    Filthy, perverted, ****ing *******s.


    You are a survivor. I am so sorry for your horrific experience. Be strong. You are an incredible human being. I am a survivor too.

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